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Who am I?


I'm Tomas, an assistant professor at the Free University (VU) in Amsterdam. My subject of research is visual perception, which I research using psychophysics, eye movements and functional imaging. I have a serious and untreatable wikipedia addiction, I run and my favorite website is xkcd. To find out more about my scientific endeavours and why I have chosen to do what I do, visit my Research Interests page. If you are a Master's student looking for an internship project, see this page too, to get an idea of the type of things you could be doing in your internship.

Polar mapping of my retinotopic areas.
2mm voxel size in a 7T scanner.
Image courtesy of Jascha Swisher.

In my experience, science is a very social occupation. To find out who I've worked with and learned from, see the Collaborators page. If you have any questions drop me an email.

Name Tomas H.J. Knapen
Address Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Cognitive Psychology
Room 1B.88
Van der Boechorststraat 1
1080BT Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Phone +31 20 598 99 74

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